i want dogs to be allowed at more places and i want children under 6 to not be




A couple ran onto my roof and starting breaking up, right in front of a bunch of people who were just up there hanging out. I live tweeted the breakup.

I usually don’t reblog things like this, but this is too funny XD 

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endless list of favourite characters - augustus waters

Rant time. 

So I just read The Fault In Our Stars. I then, like any other raging fangirl, proceeded to look up who was going to be in the movie. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed, but I wasn’t jumping for joy thanking Lord Jesus that Robert Pattinson wasn’t ruining yet another movie for me. 

Hazel Grace Lancaster, being portrayed by Shaliene Woodley as seen below, was actually pretty much how I envisioned her. I think she will be able to capture the essence of Hazel IF AND ONLY IF she can be as sarcastic and eloquent has Hazel is in the book. They will have to give her a make-under too. None of this frilly I-just-woke-up-and-have-lipgloss-and-eyeliner-on crap. She has cancer. I want it to look like she does. 

And then of course, there’s Augustus Waters. Oh, where to begin…

I wasn’t TERRIBLY disappointed. At first I was. I looked upon Ansel Elgorts face and I could kind of see a resemblance. Except for the blue eyes. And black hair. And all-around hottness. (side note- Ansel looks creepily like one of my co-workers and if I have to look at him and think of a dying Augustus Waters everyday at work, I’m going to die). They better be DARN SURE to give this man some blue color contacts and a nice black wig/hair-dyeing, otherwise I’m going to be smashing some basketball trophies.

If I had to pick someone to portray the unportrayable Augustus Waters, it would be whoever the heck this is: 

My goodness whoever created this picture needs to be given some chocolates and a trophy (NOT to be broken, mind you). This is EXACTLY to the TEE what I pictured Augustus to look like. They could not have done it better. This is him and always will be in my mind. Black hair, blue eyes, side grin and the unlit cigarette to match. He’s perfect.

I would like to know who is playing Van Houten as well. That guy that plays the evil Uncle in Harry Potter would be suitable. But really I’m interested to see who they come up with. I haven’t quite had a person to match whoever it is I’m thinking of in my mind yet, so it’s still in beta.

Oh, and lastly, Isaac. I’m okay with who they picked (Nat Wolff). I envisioned Isaac with messy blonde hair rather than darker hair, but now that I look at him, I can see how Nat would fit. It’s not exactly what I thought, but I’m willing to give him a test run. If he does a good job and manages to miss the Firebird with exceedingly good blind-aim, then I’ll give him a thumbs-up. 

Listening to country music…

My friends are introducing me to country music and every song is extremely sad…so we’re all like this:


It’s across the street from “I Don’t Know.”
Will Ferrel Volunteers



Installing Spring


I drew this!!!! I like drawing random stuff on my whiteboard :)


I’ve seen this 1,000 times, but I just noticed that it looks like the dog kisses the guy on the cheek. It’s now even better than it already was.

even better!

So this is what heaven looks like…